DC to AC Power Inverters

Power or electrical solar energy is usually stored in batteries. Batteries can only give Direct Current (DC) and not Alternating Current (AC).

Powemaster Modified Sine wave inverter-mobiFig 1- Modified Sine wave Inverter

Victron Multiplus DC AC Power Inverter-mobiFig 2 - Victron Multiplus DC AC Power Inverter

DC AC Power Inverters (invertor)

So, the problem arises when you need to take power that has been stored in a battery or bank of batteries, and use it to run electrical appliances that are AC. The answer to this, is to use a DC to AC power inverter. (Invertor)

The inverter is a main component of any independent solar panel  & battery power Back-up system which requires AC power. The power inverter will convert the DC power stored  in the batteries and convert it to  AC power to run conventional appliances.

DC to AC Power Inverters, form the basis of almost all UPS Power Backup systems. Uninterrupted Power supplies used for Computers, is a power inverter specific designed for the application. Other DC AC power inverters, are used to work in conjunction with Photovoltaic Solar Panel systems, While others are merely used for general household & Office backup power  or 4x4 power solutions.  I.e to power a laptop on the go, or drive a small fridge on the back of a pickup.

Today, the efficiency and reliability of the latest DC AC power Inverters (invertors), are a far cry from the inverters that were available 15 to 20 years ago.

There are three waveforms produced by modern solid state DC AC  power inverters. The simplest, a square wave power inverter, used to be the only available units. Today, these are very rare, as many appliances will not operate on a square wave.

For ease of reference, we have categorized our comprehensive DC to AC power inverter range into into simple subheadings that should make it a lot easier for you to find the specific size, type and rating of DC AC power inverter to suit your specific need and application:

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