DC to AC Power Back-up Inverters for your House & office

There is often a need for emergency power back-up for critical appliances such as:

For most businesses it is critical to have an office power back-up solution in place - a power outage means loss of revenue and potential sales!!

At home a  emergency backup power inverter can reduce that irritating moment when watching the final moments of a nail biting soccer, rugby or cricket match, and there is a power failure. Not only are you left in the dark, but you also miss out on the final moments of your favorite sport or “soapie”.

This kind of power failure is happening more frequently. This often leads to same question– How can I replace Eskom with a solar powered system.and this is usually accompanied by a “comment” that your heard that somebody developed low cost solar panels etc. …

Before I proceed to give you more detail on our  back-up power inverter range let me tell you that the answer to this is not as straightforward as it would sound. 

What we can ensure you is that if you do have power available to you, even for only 4 hours per day it is definitely not feasible to try and replace that with a total solar powered system as yet- it is however becoming more affordable and feasible – However at this stage  a Solar Panel complete system, is still a matter of creating a convenience or reliable source rather than an ideal ROI, but every year as Eskom prices increase and reliability of power source becomes more doubtful- the decision the invest in a Permanent power backup solution becomes more practical and a bigger necessity.

Your grid-fed power…although becoming more and more unstable and unreliable is still by far your most cost effective energy supply. The best thing you can possibly do is optimize backup methods for your specific situation.

In order to make the appropriate choice of emergency backup power inverter solution we need to categorize the duration of power interruptions/failures as follows: Firstly we look at general situations and then “critical supply” situations like the person who has to have power to his Oxygen tank or to ensure the water temperature of their Tropical fish tank is maintained all the time.

1. The occasional – non frequent 20min here, 20min there power failure

2. The occasional medium length power failures  2-4 hours, perhaps once every 2 weeks

3. The medium length more frequent failure  2-4  hours, every 3 to 4 days

4. The longer non frequent breakdown 5 hours or more, once a month

5. The longer very frequent breakdown, 5 hours or more. Weekly or even daily!!

6. I have critical equipment such as an oxygen tank or tropical fish tank heater and pumps that need to operate 24/7

Please refer to our detailed website on power Back-up systems

Power backup solutions are offered in abundance, providing most of us with even more confusion than anything else.

Our advice is: Be informed. Make your decisions wisely, and think long and hard before taking out your hard-earned money and rushing out to the nearest discount store to buy a generator offered at bargain prices.

We offer sound advice by ensuring that we, as well as you yourself, understand your power requirements and help you look to the future, thus making wiser long term decisions. 

Amongst the many back-up power solutions, one that is becoming very popular is an inverter - charger combination unit with seamless automatic transfer from mains supply to battery with the option to Add Solar Panels . Some system allows one to utilize a generator to substitute power from mains and will naturally form part of a solar power based system in the future – we refer to this is a “solar Backup power system”.  This system, make use of an Inverter which is ALSO suitable to be used with solar panels, it is a little more expensive than just a Normal “backup” system- but allow your without redundancy an option to expand your system into a full blown Solar PV system in the long term, without replacing or throwing away any part of your initial setup

The size and number of batteries in your system will dictate the total number of hours back up time you have available in event of a power failure.

You can start off small with a minimum amount of batteries and add to them as your budget allows, thereby adding additional hours of back up.

DC AC power inverters -Charger and Transfer switch- Design according to the  application

PEak Inverter Charger System Ideal for Power back-up mobiFig 1 - Peak power Back-up Inverter

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Suggestion Solution1

TV for 3 hours

350Watt inverter plus 10A 12V battery charger;2x105A.h

TV & Video plus 1 light for 3 hours

350Watt inverter plus 10A 12V battery charger;2x105A.h

TV & Video & DSTV, plus 3 lights for 3 hours

600Watt Inverter , plus 10A 12V charger;4x105A.h

TV & Video & DSTV plus 1 light for 6 hours

600Watt Inverter , plus 10A 12V charger;4x105A.h

TV & Video & DSTV , plus 3 lights for 3 hours

1200Watt sinewave inverter, 25A 12V charger;4x105A.h

TV & Video & DSTV, plus 3 lights for 3 hours

Plus occasional Microwave oven (30 minutes)

1200Watt sinewave inverter, 25A 12V charger;6x105A.h

Electric Gate motor backup power

1200Watt sinewave inverter, 25A 12V charger;6x105A.h





DC Voltage

























Table 1- DIY Kits for Power Back-up options for your House and Home

Table 2- peak Range of Power-Inverter Charger units for Power Back-up